We prefer ALL new puppy buyers to come to our home and pick up their new puppy, but in some cases, that is not possible, so we have provided different modes of transport. Shipping cargo is available for $350. This includes the actual shipping charge, vet check, health certificate needed before flying, crate for traveling and gas charges for the ride to the vet and the airport. We ship United or Delta Airlines. We also use  Nanny Services where the puppy gets to sit on a lap while flying, our Nanny Service currently charges $300-400.  Also, there is ground transport available as well, but the prices are determined by the travel company. If you would like to use a Cargo shipping,Nanny Service or Ground Transport, please let me know ahead of time. Sometimes, a shipping nanny or ground transport may not be available at certain times, or there may be a long wait... so, if you do not want to wait to use those services, cargo shipping is the only other option, unless you would like to fly out to pick up your puppy, that is also an option.

NOTE:  ALL puppy buyers are responsible for shipping charges!!! If you refuse to pay for shipping on your puppy, do not purchase a puppy. If you purchase a puppy and later do not want to pay for the shipping, your puppy does not get shipped!

We do not make our pups available until they are at least 8 weeks old. In some cases, we will take deposits on pups 5-6 weeks old when we do not plan to keep any or we know they are going to pet homes. We like to watch our puppies grow a bit before we price them and make them available. We do this so that we can properly price them according to how closely they conform to the breed standard, also, so we can decide if we want to keep any pups. 

Deposits/Payment Plans

No deposits or full payments will be accepted until the Puppy Application is received and has been approved! Once pups are made available to purchase, we will accept deposits, which are non-refundable, or full payment on the pup. Deposits are $250-$500 depending on the price of the pup. Deposits are non-transferable unless the chosen puppy has passed away in our care or becomes ill and the new puppy buyer would like to purchase another available pup from us. Deposits are only refundable if the pup being purchased passes away or has a serious illness while in our care or if noted otherwise by myself. We prefer full payment on pups that are available and ready to go, but we do allow payment plans as we do know that sometimes it is easier to pay over time. Payment plans must be preapproved before a deposit is taken. All pups must be paid in full before they leave for their new homes, no exceptions! If while the puppy buyer is making payments and decides they no longer want the puppy they have been paying on, the buyer forteits deposit and all moneys paid. Also, if the puppy buyer does not adhere to the payment plan that was previously approved, they will foreit the purchase of the puppy and all moneys paid.

Puppies Paid in Full

We do allow for buyers to pay for their puppy in full and it is actually preferred. But just like with payment plans, once the buyer backs out, there is NO refund regardless, UNLESS the puppy has a serious illness/defect or passes away in our care. DO NOT purchase a puppy from us if you are the type to back out of a sale, because WE DO NOT REFUND!

Limited/Full AKC
Puppies being sold with Limited AKC may NOT be bred! Limited registration is given when we feel that the pup does not meet standard close enough to be quality for breeding. Puppies being sold with Full AKC may be bred and shown. 

Contract/Bill of Sale

All pups will leave with a contract and bill of sale signed by both the buyer and the breeder. PLEASE, do NOT sign the contract unless you plan to adhere to it's conditions. Failing to adhere to the conditions of the contract will allow us to take the puppy back with NO refund. All actions will be taken to retrieve the said puppy including court action! We do not like for things to go that way, as we want all of our pups to stay in their forever homes, but if we feel that the pup is not being taken care of properly or isn't getting what they need or whatever the case may be, the pup must be returned or else court action will be taken and Animal neglect charges will be filed. It is better for the puppy AND the new puppy owner to just adhere to the contracts conditions. A contract will be available to view after the Puppy Application is approved!

After Sale Support

Even after our babies go to their new homes, we are still here for you and your new baby! If you have ANY questions or concerns or need help with anything regarding your new Chihuahua puppy, please feel free to call/text/email us! If you have an emergency with your pup, PLEASE take the pup to a VET. Every pup is sent home with a folder including a small book on puppy care, specific puppy care for chihuahuas, breed specific information on the Chihuahua, the pups Health Record, a pedigree and the pups AKC papers. All contact information will be in the folder just in case you need to get ahold of us!

If you have any questions regarding anything on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Suzzette Drake

[email protected]

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