NOTE: All of our girls are from MERLE FREE lines. 

WeeChi's N Jodi's Fable of Tigerlily      
Call name: Lola
Coat: Long
Color: Black Spotted on White
Weight: 4lbs

Tag Along's Mocha Moolatte'
Call name: Muffin
Coat: Long
Color: Chocolate, white markings
Weight: 5 1/2lbs

King's Heaven Above At-CoCo's Angel
Call name: Angel
Coat: Short
Color: Cream, fawn saddle
Weight: 6lbs

CoCo's Enchanted Apple
Call name: Apple
Coat: Long
Color: Chocolate & Tan, Spotted on White
Weight: 7lbs

Future Momma's

CoCo's Snow White
Call name: Snow
Coat: Long
Color: Black & Tan, Spotted on White
Weight: Charting 4 1/2-5lbs

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